Our Legoland Adventure

Subject: Our Legoland Adventure
Date: 9 November 2012 (Friday)
Racia is 5 years 8 months 5 days old

Tricia is 1 yaer, 5 months, 2 weeks and 5 days old
We finally made it to Legoland!! It was an adventure driving in and you can read all about it in my post below.

The initially plan was to cart the whole family along (including MIL) but in the end, we decided that it may be better to leave Tricia at home with MIL and explore the park with just Racia. This is also because, many rides are not suitable for Tricia and i also worry that she will get sun burned.

For many days, we could not decide how to go in, to drive in ourselves or to book a coach package in. We finally decided to try driving in ourselves. To prepare for the drive in, we did extensive research online and armed ourselves with print outs of the detail instructions. (I did a seperate post on how to drive in here)

We woke up at our usual time (6am) and was out of the house by 7:30am. It was a smooth drive to the 2nd link at Tuas with slightly heavier along Jurong

It was a smooth exit at both the Singapore and Malaysia Immigration and we were out in under 15 minutes. We were earlier worried that they will be heavy traffic at the customs due to the upcoming PH.

We decided to stop at the first rest station (for some breakfast) and also to change some Malaysian currency. But to our horror, the money changer was closed!! Both of us managed to scrap together about 70 ringit and this was all we had on us the whole day.

After a quick breakfast of Mee Goreng/Coffee, we set off.

At the first toll station, we followed the instructions i got online and proceeded to the left lane with the sign "Tambah Nilai" to pay in cash (our 'Touch N Go' has expired as it was not used at all in one year). It seems like you can't exactly pay cash to go through, what they do is that the counter staff will sell you the 'Touch N Go' cards for you to tap and go through.  The card cost RM30 and has a value of RM20 (sufficient to get us there and back to singapore as the toll charges for this first toll is RM7.50 each way).

The trickly part came after we exit the first toll. We realised that the Malaysian road signs were not very easy to read. I know that we needed to go out at exit 312, however, what i did not expect is that there were 2 exits for 312. (One which leads out to Gelang Patah and one to Nusajaya). Malay of the road signs were obscured by trees too and you really need to be alert to spot them. We could see the 'Legoland' signs pretty clearly as we move ahead but suddenly, one sign caught us by surprised, it showed that 312 has 2 exits, one leading to Gelang Pateh and one to Legoland. We moved ahead and prepared to exit at 312 and it turned out that we went out at the wrong 312! The one we exited was 312D to Gelang Patah!.

We made a huge detour (Following the directions that say JURONG) to get back ton the 2nd link and found that we missed the actual 312 when we go back on the express way). This time we were headed towards Senai. We thene exited at 313 and made another detour to go back onto the 2nd link. I reckon we spent close to 2 0minutes trying to get out at the correct exit!

Finally, we made it out at the correct 312 and moved ahead as per the instructions i have gotten online. It was pretty easy by now and all you need to do is to follow the signs that says "Legoland".

We we finally reached, i was told to park near the mall, we entered at the wrong entrace and quickly made a Uturn to park closer to the mall.
It was a short 3 mins walk from the mall to Legoland! It was 9:30am when we arrived!

After getting the tickets (I got the YanYan coupon for a free child ticket and a Readers

Digest Coupon for a 35% off), we were ready to go in. We queued outside for 15mins and during this time, we saw the Legoland mascots coming out to greet the guest! They were really cute and Racia managed to shake hands with the red brick.

Once in, we headed over to Legocity. The first ride was the boat at the 'Boating School'. Racia thought the ride was super fun! Next, we headed over the 'Driving/Junior Driving School'. Racia started with the junior track and then moved over to older kids driving track. This is one of her favourite ride in the entire park!

Next, the 'Lego Rescue Academy', where we competed with the othe cars to put out a fire. Me and the daddy were exhausted after this ride as we needed to pump hard to move the truck! We moved to try the 'Lego Airport' next, a simple round-about ride on huge lego like aircrafts!

Its the 'Land of Adventure', we had wanted to try the 'Dino Island' , this is a water ride with a huge pluge at the end of the path. Racia got frighten after seeing it and did not want to go ahead. i suggested for daddy to go ahead while i wait with Racia. ( Actually, we kinda nominated daddy to go on it as Racia and me were too scared to try). Daddy's feedback after:" Scary!"

Next, we wanted to try the 'Lost Kingdom Adventure' ride (a laser car ride) but had to give it a miss as they closed it down due to technical problem. We then went for the 'Beetle Bounce'. This is a ride just for children and Racia went on it twice.

Next, at 'Imagination' zone, we went up on the 'Observation Tower'. This is my favourite and i love the birds eye view of the entire park. We gave the 'Kid Power Tower' a miss as our arms were still sore from the rescue academy.

The baby care room is located at this zone. I went in for a quick tour and was very impressed. It was really nice and comfortable fully air conditioned.  There were sofas for the mummies to rest, a small kitchen to warm up bottles and food and they even provide baby cot and rockers! This is one of the best baby room I have seen! ( a pity there was no pic of the interior)

We head over to the 'Lego Kingdom' next where Racia found her most favourite ride in the entire park. The 'Royal Joust'. She went on it a total of 5 times (twice before lunch and thrice after!)

We had wanted to try 'The Dragon Apprentice' roller coaster but found that a super long queue and decided to abandon it for now. We went on the 'Merlin's Challenge', a spinning train ride, another of my favourite (We managed to try it twice, once before lunch and once before we left the park)

We proceed to the the 'Lego Technic' zone and tried the Aquazone Water Race' (we had to queue a while for this as there are only 6 racers). Racia went with daddy while I ride alone! (I love this too, u an feel the wind and speed as it spin round and round). After that, we went to try the 'Technic Twister', a fast spinning twister (got a bit nauseous after the ride!).

By then it was already close to 2pm, we decided to head over to the Market Place for lunch.
At the Market Place (Which offered Western and Asian dinning options), I had expected more food choices but was disappointed by the options offered. The food was expensive too, RM17 for the pasta and RM21 for the chicken rice set.

After lunch, Racia had another go at the Junior Driving school. We proceeded to the 'Lego Express' train ride after. We had to queue 15 minutes for the ride.

Soon after the train ride, we begin to feel a light drizzle. We moved on to 'Miniland". Racia loved looking at the miniature buildings/landmarks.
We headed to the store after this (actually, the drizzle was getting heavier). When we were shopping in the store, it started to pour, a huge thunderstorm with flashes of lightning. Many of the rides has to be closed temporarily because of the rain. By this time, we were glad that we managed to completed almost 90% of the rides before it rained so heavily.

We left the park when the rain slowed at about 4:30pm.

Wereally enjoyed Legoland will definitely be back for another trip, perhaps this time with Tricia!

Rides we want top try at out next trip
- Project X at Lego Technics (Roller Coaster)
- Lost Kingdom Adventure at the 'Land of Adventure'
- Duplo Express at the 'Imagination' Zone
- Studio 4D for the 4D movie
- Build & Test centre/ Lego Mindstorm/ Lego Academy
- Body Dryer stations (To dry your body!)

 Here are the photos (All 162 of them!). Enjoy!

All ready to go!
Quick picture while waiting for daddy!
In the car oand on the way!
Mummy took this pic because there is a big Legoland banner!
Malaysia Immigration! No Cars!
Reaching the first toll!
Tambah Nilah Lane

Approaching the first rest stop

Picture with the fruit stall!
Daddy and Racia

Having breakfast
Mummy and Racia
One more pic before we get back on the road
I can see the exit coming up!

Super confusing sign!
Wrong exit (even though its stated as 312)!

Finally the correct exit (after we missed a turn)

Much clearer sign after we got off the highway!

Mall of Medina

Entering into the car park

The car park

Walking into the mall

Mummy say we should have had breakfast here!

The small mall

The rainbow at the end of the tunnel(mall)


A family pic!

Happy Racia and Mummy!

Exchange rate that day!

Opening hours and entrance fees

Weather forecast!

Racia says: 'I got the tickets'!

Our tickets

Queueing to enter

A pic outside the entrance

The Lego brick mascot

Racia says 'Hi 5"
The crowd

Finally, we enter at 10am!

First pic with the Dino!

And now mummy too

The Lego brick!

First stop - The Boating School

Look at the boats

With Daddy!

On the boat with Daddy!

The dock!

Multi-tasking mummy driving and shooting at the same time!

Daddy and Racia on their yellow boat

Lego City

Lego car
Junior Driving School

Having fun driving the mini Lego cars!

Racia's red convertible!

She is such a pro driver!

The Driving School

Queueing with the other children

All lined up!

Racia's licence!

Outside the Rescue Academy!
Putting out the fire


Our fire trucks

Our blue and white fire truck

Putting out the fire

Lego Airport

Cute figurines!


We went on a red plane

Mummy and Racia
On the ride!

Daddy taking a picture of us!

Love this pic!

Land of Adventure

Beetle Bounce

Up up she goes!
One more time please!
Nice donkey model!

Dino Island

Daddy on the 2nd row!

Imagination zone

Red Dragon!

Observation Tower

Cool right!

With daddy!

With mummy!

Birds eye view - the castle

Imagination zone

Land of Adventure

Mini City

Kid Power Tower

Outside the castle

Royal Joust

Meeting the height requirement

Getting on her brown horse

So happy on the horse

My little knight!

Say cheese

Racia says Hi!

Thats our stroller parked under the banners

Merlin's Challenge

Mummy and Racia love this ride!

Thats the cute lego Merlin

One pic on my phone before we start moving

Daddy, our photographer!

Cut through mini land to head to market place.
That is the Riverside point in Lego

Nice picture in the washroom

Lego Technic zone

The Aqua Water Racers

Pic with daddy before boarding her water craft

Technic Project X

Technic Twister

With daddy

With mummy!

The twister

Spotted a snoring Lego man

Having fun

Mummy and Racia

Look at the details of this man

Family pic
The Fullerton hotel!

Lego man! So cute!

Remote control boat!

Racia with her license

Happy with lunch

Chicken rice and pasta at the Market Place

Our meatball spaghetti

Back to the Junior driving school

Outside the school

Blue car this time

A beautiful fountain outside the Lego Express station

The Lego Express station

All aboard the train!

Mini land

Angkor Wat

Forbidden City

Singapore CBD Skyline

The Flyer

One more with the Flyer

Merlion park


Twin towers

Thai royal boat

The Dragon's Apprentice

Getting on!

Racia says the ride was "Brilliant"!

Over cast, looks like fog right!

Back on the Royal Joust

She loves this ride

Galloping on her white horse

Say cheese

Love the white horse

Say cheese again


Back on the Merlin's Challenge

Stroller rental charges

Locker rental charges

Shopping time, and they provide children stroller

Interesting merchandise


All protected and ready to go

Back at the car park

On our way home - towards Tuas

Toll fee RM7.50 back


My Princess

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