Visit to the National Dental Center

Subject: Visit to the National Dental Centre
Date: 17 July 2014 (Friday)
Tricia is 3 years, 1 months, 1 weeks and 6 days old today.

Tricia had her appoint at the National Dental Centre today. This is part of her participation in an early dental intervention research with the NDC which she started when she was 18 months old. Today is her last 2nd appointment today and we will be discharged from this research programme after the next visit.

She was really good today. She showed the nurse her new shoes, sat on the dental seat alone while they cleaned her teeth, chat with the dentist and even asked for a sticker!

Its good that she had a great experience today!


RDC Showcase - Rehersals

Subject: The Full Dress Rehearsals
Date: 11 July 2014

Its Rhapsody Dance Centre's first showcase and its rehearsals night!

Both the girls are participating in this first showcase and they are here tonight for the full dress rehearsals.

The costumes are super pretty for BB1 and super cute for BB2.

BB2's melody bear group will be putting up an item titled "Chick Chick Chicken", a cute little dance by the adorable children from her Melody Bear graded class.

BB1 has 2 items, a ballet dance titled "Frozen", a combined item with the primary ballet girls and jazz/tap item titled "Hey Ma Ma" (From the movie Hair-spray) with Janelle and Caitlyn.

Rehearsals ended at 8pm and we proceeded to my favourite restaurant for dinner - Traditional Hokkien food at Kitchen road!

I can't wait to see my girls perform tomorrow!

 Her Ballet outfit, all pink and fluffy tutu!
 BB1 looks like a princess!
 The Ballet girls waiting!
 My super adorable little chick!
 Super cute in her costume! She wanted a tutu skirt like her jie jie!
 Out of costume and waiting her turn!
 She started giving me funny poses!
 "Wefie" in the toilet
 Looking super sweet here! Love her smile!
 BB2 getting fitted for her 2nd costume - Tap/Jazz item!
 Posey - Take 1
  Posey - Take 2
  Posey - Take 3
  Posey - Take 4 - BB2 really can pose!
 The tapping trios!
 My fav restaurant at Jalan Besar - Kitchener Road
 They even produce frozen products!
 My all time favourite 01 - Hae Zho
 Yummy pork ribs
 All time fav item no.2 - Hokkien Mee!
 Sambal Kangkong
 Braised pork belly with mantou!
Achar -  Even MIL and HB say this is super yummy!
After dinner, we went to pack supper! oops!~

Our Rainbow Loom Disney Princesses!

Date: 26 June 2014

See our Rainbow loom Disney Princesses. We had fun doing them!

In this order:
1) Cinderella
2) Rapunzel
3) Frozen Elsa
4) Frozen Anna

Missing in this picture: Snow White

Swim Safer Test Stage 2

Subject : BB1's Swim Safer Test Stage 2
Date: 24 June 2014 (Tuesday)
BB1 is 7 year 3 months old

BB2 passed her swim safer stage 2 test today! It was a intensive couple of months leading to this test date. Daddy was putting in extra coaching hours almost daily to practice with her as the date draws near.

The toughest requirement in this stage was the 10 seconds vertical sculling! We are glad to managed to master it in time!

I will the picture do the talking!

 It was a wet and cold Tuesday morning. We had to wait outside for the pool to open as it was close due to the rain
 All dressed and ready!
 First, a simple theory test on water safety.
 All lined up and ready to perform the first task! BB1 is no.10.
 Group shot by Tr KH!
 First task - Step in Entry!
 Task 2 - Demonstrate sculling in an upright position for 10 seconds with arms only
 Swimming back after completing the sculling!
 Next demonstrate floatation survival technique!
 Swimming back.
 Ready for the next task!
 Jumping into water
 Another group picture
 Getting ready for the 15m survivor backstroke
 And here she goes!
 Doing well!
 Vest for another water safety entry
 All ready!
 Step in!
Happy kids after completing the last task of searching for an recovering an item in chest deep waters!

Hello Kai Kai and Jia Jia

Date: 18 June 2014
Subject: River Safari

We met Kai Kai and Jia Jia today!!

I brought BB1 to River Safari! Its her first time there and my 2nd. I have been there when we were volunteering for a CSR field trip with a group of under privilege children.

Its actually BB2's CC field trip and I thought I tagged along and bring BB1 since she has never been there before.

We took a bus to Ang Mo Kio and had breakfast there before heading to the bus terminal to catch the bus all the way to the zoo. It was a super fun trip and we even managed to go on the new River Safari boat cruise,  the newest attraction in the park.

Here are the photos.

All ready to go. See her rainbow loom bracelets!

 Breakfast at Burger King AMK before setting off!
 We are finally here!
 See who was there to greet us at the entrance - Jiajia!
 Super adorable and sweet!
 Amazon river animals!
 See how big this Alligator Gar is!
 See what's behind her! She asked if its real!
 With the Mekong river fishes!
 A crane with superb balancing skills!
 Time to visit the pandas!
Golden Pheasant! 
 And there's Kai Kai!
 See Kai Kai enjoying his breakfast of bamboo!
 Panda and BB1!
 With mummy waiting for the bird show!
 Ready for the Amazon River Quest ride!
 First Row!
 Ready to be elevated up!
 Looking super excited and nervous!
 Splashing good start!
 Cruising along!
 Saw some beautiful Scarlet Ibis birds!
 End of cruise! She didn't enjoy it :(
 Time for some snack and lunch!
 Super expensive and unappetizing food!
 Our most favourite, the panda chocolate custard pau!
 Can't wait to bite into it!
 Next, the manatees (Dugong)
 Finally caught up with BB2 and her school mates! She wanted to follow us!
 After sending BB2 back to school, we went back for round 2!
 Manatees tank!
 They are such graceful swimmers!
 Cute Capybara!
 At the link bridge!
 With the red pandas!
 Taken by BB1 with a great eye for details!
 With Jia Jia!
 My turn!
 The Paus!
 With the cranes again!
Last pic with the Mekong fishes!

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