Driving to Legoland

Date: 9 November 2012 (Friday)
Subject: Driving to Legoland

The driving journey to Legoland is approximately 15 minutes via the 2nd link.

After driving in, I realised that although it is a short drive, the road/direction signs can be somewhat confusing for drivers driving in for first time.

We got confused by some of the directional signs and ended up at the wrong exit! Some of the road signs (showing Legoland) were also obscured by trees!

Below is a detailed direction guide to Legoland!

Driving to Legoland via Tuas 2nd link

1) After exiting the Malaysia immigration, drive towards the first toll.

2) At this first toll, you are required to pay a toll fee of RM7.50. The payment has to be made using a "Touch N Go" card.
If you do not have the card, please move to the lane on the left with the sign "Tambah Nilai". At this lane, there will be a staff to assist you. You will be asked to purchase a 'Touch N Go' card using cash. This card cost RM30 and will have a value of RM20. This is sufficient for you to pass this toll and for your return toll charges back to Singapore.

If you do not have a TNG card, use the lane on the left of the toll station (the lane on the right of the green bus)
"Tambah Nilai" lane for cash purchase of the TNG card

3) After passing this toll, you should start to keep a look out for road signs on your left. The exit to look out for is Exit 312 - Nusajaya.

4) ok now, this is where the confusion starts! As you are nearing exit 312 (approximately 500m from the first toll), you will start to see signs showing 'Legoland' (see below). This sign is confusing because it shows 312 branching out to 2 exit points and you are not sure if Legoland is at the first or the 2nd exit point. The correct exit is actually the 2nd branch out at 312.

5) As you go nearer to exit 312, you will see some over head signs showing 312 - Gelang Patah (DO NOT go out at this 312 - Gelang Patah exit). This is not the correct exit. Please move to the 2nd lane and continue towards - Kota Iskandar (in yellow) and Nusajaya.  As you pass this, you will see that this exit is 312D Gelang Patah.
Exit 312 - Gelang Patah is NOT CORRECT. Drive pass this and go towards "Kota Iskandar" and "Nusajaya"

6) Continue to drive past this 312D for another 100m and you will see the correct exit 312- Nusajaya. Get out at this exit.
Nusajaya exit - Lego land - 312
7) After turning out , keep right (this exit has a left and right split) and merged into the high way on the RIGHT!

6) Continue to move forward and when you reach the first round-about, take the 2nd exit. You will see a sign that says "KOTA ISKANDAR". (There is a sign before the round-about that says Legoland, but it is obscured by trees).
Drive towards "KOTA ISKANDAR"
7) From this point onwards, it is very easy as you will just follow the signs that says "Legoland".

Follow the signs that says "Legoland"
Follow the signs that says "Legoland"
8) If you happen to missed the exit and went out at 313, follow the signs that says "JURONG" to lead you back to the 2nd link to go back to exit 312.

9) When returning to Singapore, follow the signs that say "TUAS"

I hope this instruction has been useful! Safe driving and have fun in Legoland!

Read about our Legoland adventure here!


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