Yeah to NDP 2013

Date: 7 June 2013 (Saturday)
Subject: NDP 2013 tickets

BB1 is 6 years,3 months and 4 days old today
BB2 is 2 years, 2 weeks and 4 days old today

Hooray...NDP 2013 here we come!

These tickets are actually for the NDP 2013 Preview on the 3rd of August and I am more excited than the kids. We put in a total of 9 NRIC details for balloting and only my dad's i/c got selected.

I am really thankful that we got tickets this year! I have been trying for many years but we were never lucky (Both through the main NDP balloting system as well as through the tickets given out at my office).

We collected the tickets at the float@Marina Bay today and it was a super fast and smooth process. We even had our pictures taken by the organising committee on the way out. After that it was off to the Angry Bird show at Marina Square where the girls had the opportunity to take a picture with 4 huge Angry Birds.

I am so excited that I am already planning our wardrobe for that day! Red tops and white bottoms! This will be the first time that all of us (exclude MIL who has went to the parade thrice) will be seeing the parade live! I am think both the girls will be super excited over the parade and the fireworks!

We can't wait!

OOTD picture in their new dusty pink lace dresses

First stop, brunch at Hans Marina Square!

BB1 came with me to collect the tickets while daddy and BB2 waited at Msq

Ticket collection centre at the Float@Marina Bay

We were asked to take a picture by the organising committee

A pic at the collection centre

We got our tickets - 6 tickets to the NDP Preview!

Super happy with the tickets

Next, Angry Bird Show at Marina Square

We were right in front of the stage
Photo op on stage with the Angry Birds

The four huge Angry Birds

Ending with a picture of our NDP tickets! We will be seated at the Yellow Zone!



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